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By Clement Faria   Published: September 3, 2013  

In my quest for some DIY photography projects. I decided to create a Tilt shift lens based on the method that I found here. My method will use:

1) power steering boot

2) M42 adapter/Body cap

3) glue.

I used the power steering boot because the rubber is soft, sturdy and flexible. The boot can be used two make two tilt shift lenses.†

You can get some old Manual focus lenses from ebay if you donít have already. I happened to have a couple old lenses knocking around that soon found new purpose. I used a Minolta MD 50mm f2 and a Hanimex 35mm f2.8, both of which had a Minolta mount so I couldnít use them to their best ability on my Canon.

The first thing I did was take apart both lenses until I was left with the Main elements. According to the lense you use, you can find out how to do so with some quick research online.†

I still kept the parts that were removed in case I wanted to put it back together again.

I then cut off the first bellow at the bottom of the power steering boot. Once done, I cut the boot nto two equal pieces.†

Next put one boot over the end of the lens. It should fit tight, if not use a wire tie. One good thing about the power steering boot was that the circumference of the inside fit both lenses perfectly. I didnít even need to use ties.

Place lens on a flat surface facing down and push the entire boot down. Mark the ridge aligns up with the back lens element. That point should give you infinity when you mount it on your camera.†

Trim off the bellows on the boot up to the one above the one you marked.†

As a quick test, place the lens against your camera as if you are mounting it, and push it in as much as possible. If you get infinity focus, then you donít have to trim any more bellows. If not, take off another ridge until you get infinity.

Once done glue the M42 adapter to the other end of the boot (rear side of lens) and wait a while for the glue to set.

You have now created a DIY Tilt shift lens with macro capability, that can produce photos like thes below.

Cherry Tree Hill Barbados - Tilt Shift

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