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By Clement Faria   Published: August 12, 2018  
How I took apart the Canon 10-18mm Lens
Some time ago, I took a fall in the sea with my camera while trying to climb a large tree trunk that washed up on the beach. My Rebel t2i camera and 10-18mm lens got soaked. The 10-18mm is one of my favourite landscape lenses and I had make sure it was still working... read more
By Clement Faria   Published: June 9, 2016  
Introducing "Bugs of Barbados", A personal insect field guide of insects and spiders in Barbados, written and published by Clement Faria. This book is filled with beautiful high quality photographs, with basic identification and scientific information about each insect. It can be used as a reference to identify common and not so common insects and... read more
By Clement Faria   Published: June 1, 2016  
Macro photography is the art of making little things big. Allowing you to magnify subjects and see detail not seen to the human eye. They are basically three Elements that you can use to create Artistic Macro Photography. They are Lighting, Focus and Composition. By understanding light, and with creative compositions, you are only limited by your... read more
By Clement Faria   Published: June 1, 2016  
Bird photography can be a fun and rewarding experience for a Nature photographer or enthusiast. This photo is one of my favorite bird photos that I have taken. I love it because of the effort that was taken into capturing the shot and the whole experience while doing so. This particular photo was also awarded a medal at the NIFCA Photography... read more
By Clement Faria   Published: September 3, 2013  
In my quest for some DIY photography projects. I decided to create a Tilt shift lens based on the method that I found here. My method will... read more
By Clement Faria   Published: September 3, 2013  
I was in need for a lens hood for my telephoto lens. Being the DIY guy that I am, I decided not to purchase a new lens hood, but instead build my own....for cheap or free. It's more fun that way. After some quick googling, I found numerous websites with methods on how to build lens hoods. One of the few that caught my eye was from a website called... read more
By Clement Faria   Published: March 31, 2013  
I recently got a Vintage Auto Sears 200mm f3.5 lens and wanted to test it out with a 2x teleconverter and see what this old tank can do. I ended up venturing to one of my favorite beaches in Barbados, Batts Rock to do some beach combing for washed up... read more
By Clement Faria   Published: February 6, 2013  
This is just another reason why php is my programming language of choice. I was developing a website for a client which was using a cms system, and they wanted to display news on the home page. Displaying the news was no problem, how ever, I wanted to limit the amount of text to be displayed for the... read more
By Clement Faria   Published: February 6, 2013  
Once just a blog script, now it's one of the most popular CMS out there. Wordpress, is chosen by many web designers and developers alike as their CMS (Content Management System) of choice, when it comes to developing websites. With the simplicity, updates themes, plugins and support that Wordpress provides, it allows the developer to easily, build... read more
By Clement Faria   Published: February 6, 2013  
I was developing a custom facebook like button script for one of my websites. The default code from facebook makes you to insert the direct url that you want to like. Even though the default like button is great, I have no intention of copying links and creating lots of buttons for my pages and blog... read more

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