Clement Faria - Barbados Website Multimedia Developer

About Me

Clement Fidel Leonid Faria was born on the 16th March 1983. He grew up in an area called Black Rock in Barbados, up to today it’s still his place of residence. Mr. Faria is a proud father of his daughter Amaiyah, who is almost 4 years of age.

Clement attended St. Stephens Primary School, and then moved on to Combermere School, where he received 9 CXC exam passes. He got 6 grade 3’s, 2 grade 2’s and 1 grade 1. He took on several extra curriculum activities, football, cricket, tennis and even hockey. Cricket was his sport of choice. He enjoyed great success at the school level as a slow left arm spinner and decent right hand batsman. Even up to today there is a team photo with him in it in the school main hall, helping his school become Under-15 champions.

One other thing Clement was interested in, was computers. At school he was always into them and the things it was capable of doing. When he got his 1st PC he was into allot of games, music and other things. A while after, he took a liking to websites, and began trying his hand at building some. It wasn’t soon until he realized he was getting good at it, and decided that this was his career choice. The internet was still new and unknown, so it was a good time to get into the website development field.

After school Clement was always working. He did jobs like, butchering, printing, painting, landscaping and even warehouse work. His first website job was from a company called Fun N’ Sun Publishing. They produced a directory called the “Caribbean Professionals Directory” which was basically a directory of professional people, included doctors, lawyers, architects, contractors and other certified people. He created the online version to that directory and also another website called “CouCou and Flying Fish”. This was also a directory listing the small business in Barbados like Hair Salons, Boutiques to name a few. After maintaining those two websites for about a year, Clement decided to move on to a company called “Acute Vision”, a graphic design business. He gained great experience and knowledge during his 5+ years there. Allot of the work in his portfolio was done there and credit is given in the descriptions.

Clement did a lot of websites and multimedia work for high profile organizations, ranging from local, regional, even as far as England. Be sure to check them out in the website section of the portfolio.

Websites were not the only thing Clement was into, he branched off into other related fields such as video, graphic design, audio and flash animation. These others skills are necessary in the rapidly changing web development scene.

Every problem or idea that is put in front of Clement was solved or developed so far. He has not failed or disappointed in his 8+ years in this field.

Outside from work Clement lives a quite life. Most of his time is spent outside relaxing, soaking in the lovely Caribbean weather. Inside he spend his time on the PC working or other things. He sometimes play his favorite game “World of Warcraft”. Clement enjoys partying. You can find him in the club on weekends sometimes, also the occasional house party or dub session. He follows the local football scene and is always at most games and is also a loyal fan of West Indies cricket. Clement basically enjoys anything that occupies his mind.

He currently plays cricket for the Carlton Cricket Club at the Intermediate level and occasionally plays football with the guys in the neighborhood, “scrimmage” is the word they call it. Board games are also games of preference, his favorite ones being Backgammon, Chess, hearts and dominoes. In his spare time, he listens to music, he loves it very much. He works with it on. Drives with it on, go to sleep with it on, it’s always on. His favorite is Reggae and old Dancehall. He also likes Rap, Hip-Hop, Soca, Calypso, Pop and some Alternative to send him to sleep at night. All genres of music really keep him going with the exception of Heavy Metal and Gospel.

Clement currently works for himself. He is involved in several projects, with the main one being a radio show called The Caribbean Hot 30. This is a syndicated radio show broadcasted in over 25 Caribbean territories. He manages the web aspect of the show, this includes updating the chart every week, streaming the show online, displaying artist profiles, videos and more. He enjoys it very much as it involves the music industry which he loves very much. This has allowed him traveling opportunities, meeting and photographing international artists.

Be sure to check out his work and see what he is capable of doing. You might just have a problem or idea that you want dealt with. He could just be the person to handle it. He will be looking forward to hear from you.